Image-1 (4)Hi there, Sweet Potatoes! You like that? LA called me a Sweet Potato, and now everyone will be a scrumptious Sweet Potato! ❤ How are ya? My plans fell through today, so I have had the excellent opportunity to work on some art pieces that were laying around, incomplete! Awesome! Bob and Sequoia are both recovering from a stomach bug, so everyone is puttering around at home today. Artists-they adhere to no clocks!

Here is some of the new work, for sale, of course. Buy some art. It will fulfill everything that your heart has ever desired…



FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Last weekend, I met up with my friend, Kristin, also an artist, to deliver a painting that she purchased. Cause she’s smart. Be like Kristin. We decided to meet up at the beautiful Leaser Lake. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the place was packed! Just as I arrived, a man pulled an 18 inch musky out of the water right in front of me. If you don’t speak Redneck, a musky is a fierce looking fish! I took the trophy photo, and then another man started yelling at the fisherman for having the fish out of the water too long. The fisherman, instead of saying,”Oh, yeah? I’ve got it, thanks,” decided to be an egomaniac, and tell the man that he had been fishing longer, and had caught more muskies than the other guy had ever caught, and who was he to tell him what to do with his fish! It was like watching lions growl over the corpse of a gazelle on Wild Kingdom. What is that term that we see thrown around a lot lately? Toxic masculinity? Then they took their dicks out and compared size. No they didn’t, but metaphorically they did.

I skedaddled out of there.

*Skedaddled is IN the dictionary, and was just auto-corrected. It is NOT skadaddle, it is skEdaddle, please note.*

Narrator voice: When the aggressive males lock horns, the female leaves the area in search of respite.


Just in this spot, where the sun was hitting the water, were a million little fry! They were green, the moss was green, the water was green, so I couldn’t get a picture of them, but it was nice to observe. Do you remember, years ago, when I brought the girls to this lake, and the lake was not there? I thought I had lost my mind, and so did the girls. The lake was drained and repairs were made to the dam, and now the lake is full of life and is being enjoyed by all sorts. Some day, when the girls have children of their own, they can tell their kids about how they ran around at the bottom of this lake.

In other news, I have been watching a bunch of Shameless Maya on Youtube. I love her! She inspires me so much! She is so intelligent without being boring! She has cleaned out all negative media from her life, as I did just because I HAD TO, and she is so genuinely positive. Every video she puts out really has information that I can use. She even talks about Christianity in a way that I find relatable. In every one of her videos, I find like 8 useful takeaways. Kinda in love.

Also, do you know Marisa Peer? I am learning as I get older I am learning so much more about designing my life. I used to kind of do what was in front of me. Now, I am thinking about creating and building and making in my life, as well as artistically. I just put this stuff on in the backround, and go about my day.

What are you watching?

Love and light,

Your friend,



3 thoughts on “

  1. I haven’t been watching much – hubby hogs the TV (yes, we have more than one set, but our middle-of-nowhere bandwidth only supports one TV streaming at a time. *Sigh*) However, I do have Sirius XM in the car and keep it tuned to the New Age station, “Spa.” It’s soul-nurturing and works nearly as well as a massage to de-stress, at least for me.

    I’m watching your paintings like a hawk and so is hubby. I pointed out the one hubby wanted – next time a comparable one shows up it’ll be ours, lol.


  2. I watch way too much reality TV. It lets me feel like I know better and can just shake my head at the way the people carry on. Now that we have Netflix and HBO, I am watching many series programs like The Borgias, Bloodline, Downton Abbey, etc.


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