Image-1Today was so fun and exciting! All of the puzzle pieces came together. The stars aligned. The plan worked. The angels and ancestors smiled upon me… I GOT MY NEW COUCH!

I had no idea that this was going to happen today when I woke up. If you have been following me on Facebook, you know that my animals destroyed my beloved Craigslist sectional. Basically, they lit it on fire and pissed on the ashes, so it was time to figure out a new solution. I’ve been OBSESSED WITH THIS PROJECT. I eat, sleep and breathe couches. I’ve been saving my money. I looked online. I looked at discount stores. I looked on Craigslist and Let It Go. I found the perfect sectional, I got the money, I lined up a truck and people to help me carry it, I negotiated the deal and arranged a time to meet…and the lovely human being sold it out from under me! Argh!

Because our house is home to three dogs and a cat, plus an infinite amount of teenagers, I need something rugged.  My friend, Irie, suggested an Ikea couch with slipcovers, and I actually have one in the basement that I thought was too small for our looooong living room. So, here is my solution: I planned on using our OLD couch, getting a NEW matching couch, and TWO new slipcovers…tricking the eye into thinking I have TWO NEW COUCHES! Gangsta’.

I make my money from a variety of income streams, and I had promised myself that I would pay CASH for this. None of this credit card interest shit. Thank you very sincerely to everyone who has recently purchased my art!  I brought the babysittees to the bank with me today to get all of my various monies in one pot. When told them what I was saving for, and they said,”Let’s go get it TODAY! TODAY! TODAY!” Their mom allows me drive her minivan, and she gave her permission for us to make the trip, so I got:

  1. a FREE vehicle….zero money spent on a truck
  2. FREE people to help me…zero favors called in from friends to help me
  3. I GOT PAID FOR THE TIME TO PICK UP MY COUCH!!!!  I think I scared her when she arrived home and I was all,”OH MY GODDDDDD! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!”
  4. $25 off for a coupon by telling Ikea a little white lie like I was thinking about moving.

The babysittees and I picked up the couch, the covers, and two extra Ikea bags because those things are like gold, and the whole thing cost me $408.

Operation Couch is ALMOST done. I still have to get rid of the old couch, bring up the older couch from the basement, put on the new slipcovers, assemble the new couch, and arrange it all pretty like. No big.

But today I feel very smug.

Love and light,

Your friend,






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    1. The pics I have seen of your place are so pretty! A couch is an ordeal for me! Was it for you? I can’t just go to a big, regular furniture store, buy on credit, and have it delivered. I’ve got to have everything complicated.


  1. i had just as an exciting day!!! you know the evil wells fargo gave me CREDIT!!! ME!!! CREDIT!!! can you imagine THAT?? i got a whole house of furniture for $1999 with TWO YEARS interest free FINANCING!!! from WELLS FARGO!!! woo!!! they holding it until i close my deal!! Mercy!!! i still cant get over the fact that when i apply for credit i dont get laughed at anymore, i get approved!!! and YOU TOO!! good googly woogly!!! im gonna post a pic from the furniture store website!! happy trails!!

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