IMG_4374.JPGHello, Sweet Potatoes! I’m so happy to see you! How are you? What’s going on in your life?

My mother is FREAKING OUT because she had her DNA results analyzed by the Genographic Project, and the results revealed that she is 27% South Western European…Spanish, Portuguese? This comes as completely new information to my mom, who has spent decades researching the family geneology. She thought she was Welsh, English and German, and she is, but she is also Spanish/Portuguese, and a bit Jewish, and a bit North African. My mom and my brother have olive skin, brown hair, and hazel eyes, and tan really easily, while my sister and I take after our Dad, and look like we just  fell off of the Viking ship.  Isn’t it remarkable that anything even slightly regarded as “tan” was forgotten out of our history books? Jeez. Embarrassing.

Here is the second interesting part of the story-

Back in the 1960s, my mom’s family, not knowing at all about any Spanish heritage, chose a special place in the world to build a house…Menorca, Spain. They were from Maryland. Spain was a really surprising choice, way out of the box. I was lucky enough to go to the island with my family in 2011. My middle name comes from a beach in Menorca…Bini Beca, so I am Hilary Beca (one L, one C).

Me and Sequoia in Menorca, 2011

This is Bini Beca…


Just paradise.

Does your DNA know, and bring you back home?

Some family faces…my daughter, Sequoia, my nephew, Camdehn, and my Mom, Benna.

27% Spanish/Portuguese, who knew?!

Love and light,

Your friend,




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