Urfff….I’m tired. I think it must be hashi’s because I ache all the way down from the top of my head to my tailbone…tired. I actually get a headache that runs the length of my spine, a new feeling. I’ve also been restless, pacing, things not moving fast enough…when I have time, there isn’t enough money. When I have money, there isn’t enough time. Nothing can happen when you are short on either. It is so  hot and humid that a sign outside a store said,”Like this weather? Visit Cambodia, you’ll love it!” The forest on Hawk Mountain is thick and dark. Everyday we have thunderstorms with shocking force, some with hail, then 90 degrees, and even when it is not raining, the air is so wet it chokes.

I accidently had my hair dyed blue-grey. I told the lady to put on A LOT of toner, to take out all of the yellow in the blonde, and she did exactly as I said. It is more blue than the picture shows, but not terrible. This weirdness is only a perfect reflection of my identity crisis. As above, so below. IMG_4395.PNG

On Sunday, my restlessness led me to The National Gallery of Art, with Sequoia. This is a trip I often took with my grandmother as a little girl, who lived in a tall apartment building in Bethesda. The Metro had scheduled maintenance, and everyone was forced off of the train and onto a bus, then back on the train further down the line. Where were we forced off? MY GRANDMOTHER’S STOP. I haven’t been there in twenty-five years, but I remembered her stop, the way out of the tunnel to her apartment, her favorite stores, and I even pointed out her building to Sequoia. She would have adored Sequoia; they like all the same things.

I got such a kick out of just riding the train. The beauty of the people just took my breath away. I see white, blue-collared workers only here in Rednecktopia. Just by riding the train in DC, I saw every face, every color, every ethnicity, every style, each one more different and more stunning than the last. I love the country, but I also love the city, and the diversity of the city actually makes me feel more relaxed. I have to go into a major metropolitan area every once in awhile to ride escalators, take trains, and use all the skills of city life, just so I don’t forget! I have been in the country a long time now…five years? Something like that. The country feeds my soul in so many ways, but I can’t live without the city life either. I actually not only like both, I REQUIRE both.

Sequoia taught me about “The Pink Drink” a secret menu item at Starbucks that apparently everyone who has ever been on instagram/tumblr/snapchat knows about, but me. According to the Starbucks website:

The Pink Drink as it is so aptly named is simply:

  • A Strawberry Acai Refresher
  • Made with Coconut milk (instead of water)
  • With scoops of strawberries or blackberries or both!

I honestly wanted to lay down on the floor with this drink because IT IS SO GOOD. IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. For all of you people going,”Ew, Starbucks. Ew, expensive. Ew, pink.”, you are missing out on a great part of life if you don’t try this drink!!!!  You are saying,”No” to poetry for your tastebuds.

(Sequoia and her friend Ashley just came up from the basement with a very heavy IKEA bag that took both of them to carry. What’s in it? 250 water balloons, of course.)

I also fell in love with this painting, called “Skiffs”. It so reminds me of our river. I mean, it isn’t OUR river. It is A river, belonging to itself, but it goes through our yard. 20375837_10154660957441776_1705696405444211182_n.jpg

This painting inspired me so much, and gave me ideas for my living room. I don’t have a place for a print of this, but I like the colors and the vibe. I have a new couch, and I brought the old couch up from the basement, and slipcovered them both. They had plants on clearance at Walmart today, so I bought two big ferns for $8. Everything else is just stuff we already had, rearranged. I haven’t painted the walls, or dyed the slipcovers, but this is what we have so far…

image1.JPGimage1 (1).JPGimage1 (2).JPG

I would like to get or make two big, dramatic wreaths to hang on the windows, like the kind that are three feet across, but those guys are expensive, even if I make them. I will watch, and wait…and when the proper moment arises, I will STRIKE.

I’m tired.

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Love and light,

Your friend,











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  1. Wow – you got a lot done in a short time! No WONDER your tired and hurting. Be kind go yourself, to your body. You’re maybe not aware of it, but you’re still in healing mode and will likely be for a while. After all, it took you several years for Hashi’s to build; it will definitely take time to subside.

    Second, I love, love LOVE your hair. Love the color and the cut. Soooo gorgeous *sigh*

    However, I’d have to pass on the pink stuff from Starbucks. Not a fan of the ingredients 😦


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