Well, I made it through today, Nevie’s 17th birthday. If you don’t know what’s up, check out the last 3 or 4 posts. It was one of those unbelievably perfect weather days, as we often have around Labor Day…cool, sunny, low humidity, freakin’ harvest time, literally does and fawns frolicing all over the place, slight breeze, butterflies. If you came here today, you would think you were in paradise, and then March hits, and this is the darkest, dankest, foulest, greyest mountain from a horror movie. The change of season is that dramatic.

For today, I had the perky sunshine, I had a full schedule, and I let out a very pissy rant on FB last night, causing so many of you to offer a ton of love and support, which actually helped a lot. THANK YOU.  I wasn’t pissy to the people who deserve it, I did the cowardly, sideways thing, and just posted on the Thrillerati page, where I know I will be supported. Maybe another day I will actually tell the fake friends that they suck., or not, since they are fake friends, and obviously don’t give a shit.

In celebration of the Asian Pear harvest, we had a picnic at work today, one of those awkward things, with small talk and paper cups, and you want to relax, but the bosses are all there, acting like they are totally cool with the unwashed, common workers. There are cringy speeches and terrible, public compliments so that the middle guy can show the big guy that they are a good manager…so painful. Claps on the back. Ew. People calling me “Hilary”.  In the middle of the cringey, awkward picnic, I get a call from the prep school, and they want to ask questions…cringey, awkward questions, about medical paperwork for Nevie that isn’t straight because…you know. I had to leave the speeches to call the pediatrician while hiding in the back of a barn.

Tonight was my STOMP! class, and I actually get nervous before it starts. I just want it to be amazing! I get SO excited when I go into the empty theater. Why is that so electric? It is dark and quiet, and I flick on the lights to have the entire place to myself…I LOVE IT. We had ten kids tonight, and some were shy, but by the end, I think they were all having a good time. One kid cried because of some info that came up on her phone, but other than that we were incident free. I don’t know. I’m too close to the project for any perspective at all about how it went, but it wasn’t a terrible disaster or anything. My goal is to have a little five minute segment that we learn and practice each class, and then by the end we can put the five minute segments together and have a little show out of it…right? Right?  The kids were tired by 8:30. Their sleep schedules are all messed up from it being the first week of school. No one is used to having to get up so early yet.

Alright, it is midnight. I’ve got five hours to sleep now. Not too bad a day, considering the notable date. Thank you, Rena, Lani and LA, for checking on me today. You know who didn’t call? Any one from my family.  blood relations.

love and light,

your friend,












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  1. *Hugs* I swear there’s got to be a way to send something stronger than a virtual hug. So many people are hurting right now 😦

    I love you. Does that count? A lot of us love you. You’re so awesome, and it breaks my heart that you can’t see it for yourself.

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